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Winter 2014

Top Genetic Team Work

A tenacious couple complement each other and have combined their individual skills and interests to forge a creative enterprise just ten kilometres from Rockhampton in Central Queensland.

Wendy and Ken Cole breed Brahman cattle on their 1000 acre property ‘Kenrol Brahman Stud’ using the best genetics they can find. Mainly sourced from Texas, Houston in the USA their embryo work has gained the status of a fully approved Australian Government centre.

Working with one full time assistant, Wendy supervises the embryo programme with a qualified Veterinarian at intervals of 6-8 weeks. The collection of embryos takes place for export overseas and here in Australia. She has actively grown and expanded this aspect of their business now for fifteen years with the aim of producing and selling the best Brahman seed cattle stock.

This allows Ken the space and time to concentrate on what he loves doing. The farming side of things! Primarily he grows fodder and harvests it for their cattle. A John Deere 6300 100Hp and a 5075E 75Hp tractor plus a round baler allows Ken to make lots of cattle feed. He explained, “When cut, the hay needs to be baled fairly fast. One tractor loads the bales while the other is unloading in the shed so the bales are quickly in out of the weather free from any risk of being damaged. I buy John Deere because I believe they have a better finish than most other brands on the market. You really get what you pay for! Both tractors offer good visibility and as I am a large man the seat in the 6300 model adjusts to my weight which I like.

The Vanderfield Rockhampton branch after sales service is fantastic and Peter Jenkinson or ‘PJ’ as he is known is dedicated to his customers. If ever we have any issues nothing is ever a problem for him. His is great to deal with and helps us no end. This is real important to us”.

If you would like to check out ‘Kenrol Brahman Stud’ further look them up at www.kenrol.com.au or alternatively Wendy and Ken can be contacted on 07 4933 1405.

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