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Winter 2014

Nearly Indestructible!

On the banks of the Comet River 40 klms east of Springsure is a remarkable property called Arcturus Downs. Named after the star called Arcturus, a mere 36.7 light years from earth it is classified as the fourth brightest star in the night sky.

Managing Arcturus Downs which is a family owned Company is Sam Bradford. Early last year when Vanderfield acquired the John Deere dealership in Emerald, Sam viewed it as a good opportunity to make a fresh start with the dealership. He decided it was time to develop a new working relationship with a company in the locality.

Sam relies heavily on good staff to assist him with the day to day running of the various operations on Arcturus Downs. Many of these 16 staff has family who also live on the property. In reality they not only work together but form their own community.

In fact it was Ludwig Leichhardt on his 1844-45 expedition who discovered this area was suitable for grazing and it was he who made possible the settlement of Central Queensland.

Describing his days and the property as busy, varied and diverse Sam explained, “We breed and fatten cattle and grow dry land crops such as sorghum, sunflowers, wheat and chick peas. In addition to this another 2,500 acres are irrigated from the Comet River. Crops of cotton, corn, sorghum and mung beans are grown on the fertile flood plains. The nature of farming combined with climatic conditions certainly presents its challenges especially with little rainfall recently”!

Consideration for the distance involved with travelling to other dealerships not based in Emerald when needing equipment and machinery serviced and repaired after it is purchased is an important part of any new purchase choice for Arcturus Downs. These factors certainly played an important part in Sam’s decision to buy a new John Deere 8285R Series tractor from the Vanderfield Emerald branch. Sam genuinely feels Vanderfield will be able to fulfil all of these requirements and is hoping to standardize his fleet of equipment to John Deere in the future and expressed confidence in his belief.

Speaking of the most recent John Deere tractor addition Sam said, “The drivers love it. It’s like driving a Toyota Landcrusier. It’s nearly indestructible”.

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