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Summer 2014

Choosing a FARMING Future

“All I ever wanted to do was to be a farmer and I still do”, related Brian Gibson of Dulacca Farms.

“Over the years we have had a complete mix of equipment brand names and dealt with various dealerships but now we own about half John Deere. With the increase in technology we’re looking to move more to one brand particularly to utilise our GPS Guidance system. Changes in methods and the natural progression and advancement of technology is all part of the course of farming now. We have gone from Chamberlain tractors, headers without cabins and one way ploughs to air conditioned cabs, no till and self-steer.

Now with several John Deere tractors and three headers after it seems a life time of other brands working as a contractor and for other contractors we like reliability of this brand and the ease of setting up they provide.

The benefit of owning John Deere equipment is that we can work alongside a large professional dealership which is located reasonably close to us and we are fortunate to have developed a good relationship with them.

They have a sound knowledge of our set up and stock an extensive range of spare parts. If it’s not in stock they make sure it’s available the next day”.

Leaving school at just 14, I worked on the family farm at Allora and then at Oakey. After meeting and marrying Kaylene who was teaching at Oakey my father luckily helped us to buy a property at Dulacca where land prices were keener.

Now our family are very involved in all aspects of our farms. Our son Stephen started working with us after he finished Ag College and our daughter Ann Maree, a qualified agronomist and her husband Matt Bach have been with us since 2010.

Our eight properties are located in a 20 klm radius of Dulacca stretching from our western boundary at the end of the Western Downs to around Drillham.

We run a fairly intensive dry land grain growing operation and plant for both Summer and Winter yields.

Wheat is our main crop and we rotate it with sorghum to combat disease. Occasionally other crops are grown to combat crown rot and nematodes.

Each year we undertake soil testing and apply fertiliser when needed and try to maximise the use of all rainfall. Our most important farming practice is to store moisture and utilise it in the most profitable manner. We also keep a close watch on the long term health of the soil.

Our family strategy is to get in and have a go. We take calculated risks and work hard to pull them off. We find buying good land when the opportunity presents itself and the timing of planting is important. Then we prioritise well and remain focused on what is happening in the paddock”.

One gets the impression that the Gibson family keep a close eye on each other, the sky, the ground and all things in between to succeed in doing something they enjoy, and find strength in farming!

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