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Spring 2014

An Australian John Deere First

A new training partnership has kicked off the very first program between John Deere Limited and TAFE Queensland South West in Australia. Ten apprentices from John Deere dealerships, nine of which are from Vanderfield are currently signed up to this innovative and exciting JD Tech training program at the TAFE campus in Warwick.

“Our JD Tech program gives students the opportunity to gain experience with advanced technology from the global leader in the agricultural machinery business”, says Peter Wanckel, Managing Director for John Deere Limited. “These students get unique, on-the-job training in the field, and can further their competencies through advanced training provided by John Deere and TAFE Queensland”.

The JD Tech program provides unique hands-on training for students and increases their specialised knowledge to attract high-quality apprentices to the Ag machinery industry. “The course is brilliant”, Vanderfield St George apprentice and field-service worker Andrew Underwood reported.

TAFE Queensland South West in Warwick have received a new John Deere 7230R Row-Crop Tractor and a 5085E Utility Tractor generously provided by John Deere for students to use.

The partnership allows access to online training in John Deere’s exclusive Service ADVISOR and Ag Management Solutions. This includes GPS guidance systems and precision farming applications. In addition extensive knowledge and experience is gained in hydraulic, electronic and mechanical systems.

Completed over four years the JD Tech program already successfully operates in Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom. An additional two-week training block at TAFE Queensland South West in Warwick each year is dedicated to JD Tech. Regular TAFE class attendance is a requirement as well as being employed by a John Deere dealership throughout the duration of the apprenticeship.

“John Deere equipment and technology is known around the world as the most advanced and the best supported”, Mr Wanckel says. “This partnership with TAFE Queensland South West will help to recognize and employ the best upcoming mechanical talent” .

For more information about the JD Tech or TAFE Queensland South West’s Certificate III in Agricultural Mechanical Technology please call 1300 914 754. Or go online to www.tafesouthwest.edu.au or visit the Vanderfield website on www.vanderfield.com.au John Deere Limited can also be contacted via email on 23Training@JohnDeere.com.

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