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Spring 2016

Vanderfield Emerald Chosen by its Community

Vanderfield Emerald received the Award for Community Champion Small Business at the Small Business Week Breakfast on May 18 this year.

The Central Highlands Regional Council awards recognise the contribution of local business, not only to economic vitality but also to creating a strong, healthy, vibrant regional community. The 2016 nominations showcased the diversity and dedication of the Central Highlands business community and celebrated the efforts and achievements of local businesses.

‘We are committed to play our role in the success of local organisations, clubs, committees and groups, and are very proud of having been nominated alongside so many great local businesses’, says Branch Manager Mark Tosswill.

Mark has been with the branch since its opening on the 18th of February 2013, and Vanderfield Emerald has been heavily involved in its community all this time. ‘Our focus and commitment is to provide consistent, excellent service that adds value to the lives of our customers. We see ourselves in partnership with our customers and to the whole community to help bring prosperity to the area’, explains Mark.

Some of the ways in which the branch has supported the community include sponsoring a wide range of events from the annual Central Highlands Cotton Growers and Irrigators Association dinner to the Emerald Show Society through local car shows, camp drafts, athletics clubs and even providing breakfast for school children. ‘We support the development of young people in the area, particularly those facing big challenges, through our contribution to the Backing Our Youth initiative’, adds Mark.

Vanderfield has 13 branches in Australia and supports many community projects. Each Branch Manager personally assesses requests for local support. For a copy of our guidelines, visit your local Vanderfield branch or go to http://www.vanderfield.com.au/community-support.html

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