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Spring 2016

O Week

Vanderfield’s most valued asset is its staff. We have 14 branches located across Australia and currently employ 360 men and women who work in in the areas of Administration, Sales, Parts, Service, Stores, Finance, Information Technology, Human Resources and Precision Farming Technology.

Apprentices are the seed core of many aspects of our business. We offer apprenticeships to individuals who are motivated, ambitious, dedicated, skilled and committed to providing excellent service. Like Brad Thompson, from Vanderfield Emerald, who appreciates how ‘as an apprentice parts interpreter, I have the opportunity to interface directly with customers, and it means a lot to us to get a good relationship with our customers. I want to make sure they are satisfied with my services’.

Vanderfield apprentices have to undertake formal studies. Alex Dalgliesh, doing his apprenticeship in Chinchilla, likes ‘the opportunity to travel and research John Deere machinery’ as he works towards completing his TAFE course in Warwick, and Kane Golding, from Katherine, is getting proficient with Toyota cars while doing a course at Charles Darwin University.

But the advanced resources and training offered at Vanderfield is one of the most valued aspects of the apprenticeship experience. Lachlan Thompson, originally from Central Queensland but now in Toowoomba, really enjoys ‘the hands-on training and help given to us’, and Hayden Brimblecombe, a mature-age apprentice from St George, really appreci- ates ‘the opportunities and large amounts of training Vanderfield gives us’.

Our apprentices nominate the branch/area they would like to train in, and they can be found in all corners of the Vanderfield agricultural machinery, Toyota and truck dealerships operations. Earlier this year, 33 of the 51 apprentices came together for ‘ Apprentice O Week’, a three-day event held in Toowoomba. It was a tremendous chance for everybody to meet everybody else in a great team atmosphere. As Alan McGarry, a mature-age apprentice in Chinchilla says, ‘this is a fantastic place to work, doing a lot of different things with a lot of great people’. Which may be the reason why Bryce Pearson, an ag apprentice from Darwin who likes to be able to work on different engines, big and small, is following on the steps of his two brothers who also started their careers as Vanderfield apprentices and are still working for the company.

To learn more about careers with us, visit our website or google ‘Vanderfield careers’.

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