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Spring 2016

Mango Trees Under UV Light

Back in mid-June, Vanderfield and Hardi jointly organised three demonstration days for the Hardi Mercury 4000 Mist Blower, with about 50 attendees in total. The demos were held in mango tree farms located in Lambells Lagoon (30 minutes south-east of Darwin), Berry Springs (40 minutes south) and near Katherine.

Hardi’s Trevor Pahl and Paul Tuohey, from South Australia, kicked off each event at 3pm with a presentation. They explained the machine’s options and functions, including the two types of Controllers – Manual Electric Control Box and the 5500 Sprayer Controller. Both are easily mounted inside the tractor cab.

The sprayer carries up to 4000 litres of liquid, with a 464 Diaphragm Pump producing a flow of 280 litres/min and an SF85 fan that is 920mm in diameter. It comes with a basket mixer and has a robust, durable steel chassis. Another nifty feature is that the tough shaft uni joints can be greased without having to pull the sprayer apart.

Trevor and Paul also explained that the blower offers better air distribution and higher air flow with lower horsepower consumption, while being very simple to adjust air flow direction onto the target areas.

Next came the actual demo, with three different spray rates per Ha: 800, 1200 and 1600 litres. The Hardi Mercury 4000 needs to be driven by a tractor with some oomph, so Vanderfield provided a John Deere 6100D. With its 100 hp of engine power, it made a nice job of it.

To demonstrate the effectiveness of the Hardi’s sprayer in terms of coverage and penetration, a spray dye that shines under ultra violet light was used. Vanderfield cooked up a barbecue for all the attendees while waiting for the sunset and then everyone went back into the orchard to have a look at the droplet sizes, leaf coverage and spray penetration into the canopy. This was done using UV spot light.

Andrew Simon from Vanderfield Darwin comments that ‘attendees really appreciated how Vanderfield and Hardi actually brought the sprayer around and did the demo, but being able to use UV light to see exactly the penetration and coverage of the spray was probably everyone’s highlight’.

Andrew and Vanderfield colleagues Monique Vajda and Adam Pollard have sold three Hardi Mercury 4000s so far, with customers reportedly very satisfied with their choice.

Watch the video on https://www.you- tube.com/watch?v=k0N9osUNetA or google ‘Vander- fieldable Hardi 4000’ phone 1300 VANDER.

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