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Autumn 2016

Hedging North

Nick Ormsby is originally from Renmark in South Australia were he learnt his skills in hedging and horticulture. He relocated to Darwin nine years ago and purchased an owner operator business consisting of one hedging machine and so was the creation of Ormsby Hedging Pty Ltd. As the business grew Nick relocated the company’s headquarters to premises in Katherine and has been trading as Northern Hedging and Contracting. Under Nick’s management the company now operates the following business segments:

● Hedging division - consisting of three four-blader and one five-blader hedger
● Transport division - Two drop deck floats to transport machinery and freight
● Spraying and horticulture contracting division – delivering large spraying, slashing and other contract work capabilities.

Nick and the team deliver quality services all over the Northern Territory, providing experienced and efficient services to local and rural regions of Darwin, Katherine and outer regions of Northern Territory and also offering their services to other states as required. They specialise in cutting mango and citrus trees, sandalwood, mahogany plantations, roadsides and verges.

We asked Nick to explain the different specialised cutting services offered by Northern Hedging and Contracting and the benefits that they provide: ‘Tip pruning cuts the growth back to hardened timber, which can promote flowering; skirting cuts under the tree, and this helps prevent disease, allows easier access for workers and also makes irrigation, weed control and property management easier. Late topping cuts the tops off the tree to let the sunlight in, because the more sunlight inside the tree, the more flowering can occur. Post-harvest cutting prepares the trees in the best shape for the next harvest. Finally, hedging sides, or crossing, allows maximum sunlight absorption, encourages four sides of fruit and promotes flowering.’ Our recent expansion into the spraying and horticulture contracting segment has involved the acquisition of five John Deere tractors, two 6125Ms and three 6105Ms. Our equipment is second to none. Due to the nature of our work we have built cages for them in-house. We use the tractors to spray and slash between rows of our customers’ Sandalwood trees’, says Nick. Regarding his choice of John Deere tractors, Nick points out that John Deere offers excellent quality, and that they hold their value very well, being sought after even in the second-hand market (‘they’re very resalable’). ‘I’d like to thank Andrew Simon and Monique Vajda from Vanderfield for looking after me. I’ve been dealing with Vanderfield for nine years and they’ve always been very good’, says Nick.

Other services offered by Nick and the team at Northern Hedging and Contracting include grass control, transport services with their drop deck floats and farm machinery maintenance. Nick is very proud of the high standard of their work: ‘We hold current Chemical Certification and Northern Territory Accreditation pertaining to Horticulture. We take care in what we do, and pride ourselves on the quality of our workmanship’.

The best reward for his job is, according to Nick, ‘doing it well. I like to be able to offer a service that gives my customers the opportunity to increase their profit. This happens through a decrease in pest and disease, promoted flowering and fruit production, and easier harvesting due to prior preparation. Our customers appreciate that our services translate to controlled and manageable tree sizes with less percentage of dead wood, easier access and better spray coverage. As for weed management, some equipment is fitted with Trimble Weed Seeker infrared cameras that can reduce herbicide use by up to 80%. We want our customers to get value for money’, explains Nick. If you want to consider the benefits of implementing a hedging program in your orchard, contact Nick Ormsby on 0409 120 036. As he says, complacency ruins perfection!

And for your John Deere and agricultural machinery needs and queries, give your local Vanderfield branch a ring on 1300 VANDER.

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