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Autumn 2015

The Family That Works Together Sticks

Most farmers long for their children to have the inclination and interest to one day stay on instead of leaving home and continue working with them on the farm so its remains in the family and doesn’t get sold off.

This family have made a strong and cohesive start down that path.

Trading as Rouse Farming at Brigalow near Chinchilla on the western Darling Downs the whole Rouse family - Leon, Susan, Justin and Rachel all contribute and help out. “We do what we do so we can make a living and that’s what we have been brought up to do. The most rewarding part is when we produce a good crop. The most difficult aspect is trying to organise every day when weather conditions vary so much and need to be considered on a daily basis”, Leon explained.

Cultivating and growing 4,000 acres of summer and winters crops the one thing which has made a huge difference especially to Justin’s workload has been a John Deere 4940 Sprayer from the Vanderfield Chinchilla branch. It is their closest branch and the staff are handy when needed.

“It is above and beyond my expectations”, he says. “It’s a time saving piece of equipment which allows me to concentrate on doing other jobs! There is less hours involved in spraying, there’s less chemicals and increased efficiency as I can cover more ground than before and I can spray over sorghum”.

Leon’s attributes a lot of what he does to his natural instincts! When asked if he follows any special farming practices his reply was, “I just follow myself”.

His ideal alternate career choice would be straight out contract work. But all things considered Leon is one lucky man to have his family behind him and supporting him in Rouse Farming.

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