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Spring 2016

Questions In The Field With Tim Baillie Of ‘Wilgavale Farming’

Tim is also a qualified Consulting Surveyor with a high reputation for integrity with an intimate knowledge of the land and region in which he lives and gives us a brief snapshot here into how he successfully combines his professional, farming and personal skills into his busy life.

How did your farming ‘career’ start and why? I grew up on an Irrigation property in the Emerald Irrigation Area. I am actually a Consulting Surveyor but a couple of years ago, the property which we farm, ‘Wilgavale’ came onto the market. I have always wanted to farm and purchasing ‘Wilgavale’ presented me an opportunity to do so. It gets a bit tricky running a Consultancy and a dryland cropping farming operation but it seems to work.

How did you come up with the name ‘Wilgavale Farming’ and what do you do? Wilgavale’ is the name of our property. ‘Wilgavale’ is a dryland cropping block.

Do you actually like farming? Yes. I really don’t know how you could farm if you didn’t.

Are there times you get frustrated by it? No.

Can you share any stand out moments for you in farming? My First year of farming went really well. That year I could have planted a crop in concrete and it would have come off.

Does owning John Deere equipment contribute to your success and in what way? Having quality gear just makes things easy.

Wait on! What are your honest thoughts on the advances in machinery and equipment technology? Having a Consultancy background I can really appreciate some of the advances in technology and the work behind it. Things like Auto Steer, Section Control, Yield Monitoring and prescription mapping provide real benefits to farming operations.

What are three aspects of servicing or the Vanderfield team you know you can depend on? Their Product Knowledge, support Network and a genuine interest in the John Deere product!

Is there something you can’t live without at ‘Wilgavale’? Rain

Do you have any farming tips you would like to pass on to others? Wish I did!! The best I can offer is control the things you can and don’t worry about the things you can’t.

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