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Autumn 2015

Accelerated Growth In The Sunshine State

An ever expanding network of Vanderfield branches in prime geographic agricultural locations continues to dominate the push into Queensland. Another key region – Gympie is the latest to be added and propels the growth of the company and the number of branches in the group to a total of 15!

In the latter part of 2014 Vanderfield successfully secured the dealership from Hi-Way 1 Truck and Tractor which is situated at 2 Laurenceson Road Gympie. The branch contact number is 07 5480 6888.

Found 160 km north of Brisbane it was first called Nashville in 1867 after James Nash who discovered alluvial gold there. It was the gold rush’s rapid development which was responsible for the formation of the irregular city streets. The following year it was renamed Gympie which originates from an Aboriginal word Gympie Gympie or Gimpi Gimpi meaning the stinging tree.

The city lies on the Mary River in the Wide-Bay Burnett region. Graziers were the original European settlers and gold mining still plays a role in the area’s fortune Along with agriculture, timber and tourism!

A number of historic buildings in Gympie are featured in the Queensland Heritage Register with some banks and stores known for their stunning 19th Century Victorian architecture.

The Mary Valley has a stunning landscape of rolling green pastures and many beautiful forests. The countryside is spectacular with an abundance of curves, gradients and bridges. Steep slopes portray a patchwork of grazing land, ginger, sugar cane, macadamia nuts and other crops. Dairy has traditionally been part of the local agricultural industry but in recent years it has been declining in the region and generally throughout the state.

The Gympie region is considered attractive for its relatively low cost of living. Homes and property are very affordable for new residents and investors alike. Currently with new investment happening there it will be a significant contributor to the area, and its proximity to the Sunshine Coast makes it a great place to live.

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