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Smarter Than Using String

David Kiepe of Westbrook near Toowoomba has the amazing capacity and ability to fit more into his day than the average person.

Working on his 90 acre property and Contract Baling throughout the day he then manages to juggle his schedule to include a full time job at night. Just how does he do it? According to David, “I put a program together and just hope it works out for me”!

Focus on function

Having used a competitor brand auto Baler for most of his 35+ years as a Contract Hay Maker, David reported his new John Deere 864 Baler as the best he’s used. The switch to a computer operated round Baler has certainly made an impression on him. “In fact when baling wheat I timed the bales coming off at one per minute. Producing 2000 bales in twelve months I get better volume and it’s quicker as I produce more bales per hour”.

One essential difference

“As there is no string involved I don’t get bales falling apart and I don’t have to worry about string dropping down and getting caught anymore either. The John Deere net is a lot better to use. It locks in on itself and another advantage is I can bale when the hay is drier. The finished size of the bale can be adjusted to vary in diameter but personally I like the look of the bigger 1800 size bale. To my eye they look better”.

An important distinction

In 2012 David purchased a John Deere 6534 tractor from the Vanderfield Toowoomba branch. An important operational difference is the forward reverse shuttle built into this model. David says, “It’s good as I find it a lot quicker than changing gears all the time”.

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