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Saving Ears!

Deciding to upgrade to a more modern John Deere 608C Corn Front which attaches to his John Deere S670 Header, David Bailey was suitably impressed with it when he started harvesting his corn crop in late May.

Confidently David explained, “I bought the Corn front after researching the market thoroughly and came to the conclusion that John Deere produce a good quality product. Besides it fitted my needs perfectly. Although the Vanderfield Toowoomba branch did complete some modifications on it to fit my 1 meter row widths prior to delivery!

They also comprehensively covered all the technical details with me. I found the guys in sales and service good to deal with and very helpful”.

One of the 608C main features which attracted David was the AutoTrac RowSense. This maintains efficiency when working in changing row conditions, helps to reduce grain loss and assists to reduce operator fatigue during long harvesting hours. It also allows for easier operation if visibility is reduced by dust.

Another new design element is a feature of the 600 Series Corn Fronts. In comparisons to previous models the entrance into the Auger bed floor has been lowered. This enables gravity to do its job and let the crop follow the slope of the Auger bed and to move it quickly away from the row unit. The advantage of this is to stop free grain loss, to prevent back feeding and to reduce the chance of ear damage.

In addition ear-saver shields prevent corn from falling out the front of each row unit.

On average David estimates he is harvesting between 40-50 tonnes an hour with the 608C Corn Head and said, “It’s performing quite well”. So far his property 12 klms North West of Brookstead or 70 klms west of Toowoomba as the crow flies has yielded about 400 tonnes of corn. There’s another 500-600 tonne yet to be harvested but he’s feeling positive and comfortable with how his new 608C Corn Head is operating.

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