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Farm HQ

Farm HQ is a diverse rural supplies business based in Proserpine Central Queensland. With stores in Proserpine and Sarina Farm HQ isn’t your typical rural store.

Having been in operation for 30 years this family owned and run business specialises in contract fertiliser and ag-chemical application services. Owned and managed jointly by Paul Rogers and sister Donna Rogers, Farm HQ services the sugar belt from Proserpine south to Sarina.

Our business model is fairly unique in this industry says Paul Rogers, typically rural supplies stores are “lift and shift merchants” which domestically is dominated by corporate resellers. Farm HQ has a simple business philosophy- “We strive to add value to the products we sell”. If we can assist with applications of fertiliser and/or ag-chemical we become a valued supplier to the man on the land.

Typically a sugarcane crop is planted and harvested 12-15 months later. The crop regrows is fertilised and then is harvested 12 months later again. This second crop is called the 1st ratoon crop. This process continues usually for 4 ratoon crops, but can be extended up to 10 or more ratoons crops. Annual fertiliser application rates for Central Queensland crop are 650-700 kg/ha. This supplies - N 160, P 20, K120, S 20, kg/ha. Yields are typically 85-120 tonnes /ha.

As our farmers rely on Farm HQ for advice, supply and application of crop inputs, Farm HQ relies heavily on our supplier of machinery, Vanderfield Mackay. This year Vanderfield supplied a new John Deere 6170 R tractor for our fertiliser applicator and last month Farm HQ took delivery of a John Deere 4630 sprayer. Each machine is fitted with Greenstar RTK guidance and rate controllers. According to Farm HQ Operations Manager Donna Rogers, Vanderfield offer Farm HQ a single go to business for machinery supply, service, and GPS technology. We value our relationship with Salesman Shane Madeley, AMS specialist Steve Frahm, and tractor technician Ben Nielsen It’s all about having confidence in your supplier to do the job. Vanderfield give us that confidence.

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