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Contributing And Helping To Grow An African Community

Friends and associates of the Brimblecombe family in Forest Hill east of Toowoomba are asking Linton why he is moving his family to Uganda for three years to set up a commercial farm.

His standard response is, “I believe my ability will have a positive effect on the community there and it will in my opinion be greater in Uganda than it would here, so why not go”!

Linton who is a 4th generation farmer of 24 years in the Lockyer Valley and his wife Melinda together with their children Mitch and Kate will be leading a group of people to help set up a commercial farming enterprise in Northern Uganda. Starting from scratch! Linton said, “In Australia we can no longer cut down trees or build dams so I see a need to move where there is an appetite for development. Where we can actually contribute to the infrastructure of a community and enhance it”!

The exciting part about this personal journey Linton says, “Even though we are moving to a completely undeveloped part of Africa, we are able to take with us modern farming techniques and tools”. Linton is planning on stretching the limits of John Deere’s thinking by utilising the benefits of GreenStar technology, using John Deere FarmSight and all the precision Ag Systems available including no till systems.

“I am fully aware of the challenges Africa holds including the lack of support, however the internet and telephone communications systems has made the world a much smaller place. Even in central eastern Africa getting in touch with the world can be at our fingertips. The way of overcoming isolation and lack of infrastructure is in the planning so I am taking with me a full inventory of parts.

In the initial stages a rotation of corn and soybeans will be grown. The rainfall and soil conditions are certainly an attraction but the lack of infrastructure and support will be daunting but a challenge I am looking forward to meeting.

The benefits of such a venture in the Northern Ugandan community will be immense. In the short term a fresh source of water will be provided and in time employment opportunities will be created providing income which will hopefully have a flow on effect towards education and an improved standard of living”. Linton and his family and team have received good support to date towards their humanitarian undertaking but would welcome others investing and sharing in their inspiring journey too.

An update: Linton, Melinda and their daughter Kate have not long returned from Uganda. Their purpose was to make further arrangements to enhance their plans in readiness for their proposed future farming project prior to their departure.

Encouraged by the visit Linton said, “Although there are some significant challenges before us in terms of logistics and other objectives the program is on schedule. I feel more confident than ever about the soil types, rainfall and the general ability to farm there.

It will be a steep learning curve but having an attitude of not only making money but one of good will towards those we will be working and living with is an integral part of the whole scheme. I am a realist however I firmly believe the positives will far outweigh the challenges”.

Linton can be contacted on 0417 771 584

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