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A Surprise Performance

Cropping in Central Queensland explained Ross Armstrong of ‘Coolibah Plains’, “can be marginal with the erratic rainfall we get here. However as long as you manage carefully it can be done”.

This year planting 4,000 acres of sorghum as a summer crop was followed by 13,000 acres of wheat in winter; as a specialized grower Ross has obviously skillfully mastered the growing conditions.

“Coolibah Plains’ can be found 85 klms south east of Emerald where Ross has been farming for 33 years. “An extensive John Deere Fleet enables me to come way out in front as my profit margins are maintained because of the efficiency of John Deere. A new 9560RT is performing excellently and has boosted my productivity. In fact the 9560RT has lifted my wheat planting rate by 15%.

The surprise has been a John Deere dry box Spreader which I have fitted to a 4930 Sprayer and it has really exceeded my expectations. Removing the boom and spray tank from the Sprayer I have attached a six tonne bin instead to spread granular fertiliser. This has delivered the most effective results because it is much wider and higher so travels twice as fast. To be honest it has doubled the rate of the application.

Using a blended urea product, it’s been trial and error up until now testing different methods. But the John Deere dry box Spreader is by far the most efficient”. Ross continued, “I believe the John Deere name represents the best product on the market. The reason I say that is because of the availability of their products, their parts and their service back up. The resale value for their equipment is greater too compared to other brands. I come out ahead when I trade in John Deere machinery. Ultimately they help me to lower my hourly operating costs.

The Vanderfield team is to be commended as well”!

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