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43 Years of Perfecting Farming Techniques

One might expect to find a well-defined grid of tram lines in Melbourne but not at Pampas 65kms south west of Toowoomba.

This is where grain growers Lyndon and Lyndelle have two properties ‘Bungaree’ and ‘Carwoola’ and have been innovative in using a tram line layout in their fields.

Concentrating on sorghum, wheat, barley and chick peas they have also experimented with soybeans, mung beans, cotton, corn and sunflower crops. Not afraid to explore new territory they have also undertaken trials on producing different crop varieties on their properties.

Success has come their way at the Toowoomba and Millmerran shows with recognition for their crop produce in winning acclaimed awards from other entrants across the Darling Downs.

“Rotating our fields to avoid a build-up of hard to control weeds is something we do”, said Lyndon. “Our farming operation has transformed to a minimum/zero till practice with configurations of 12m. The winter crop planter is a 12m Boss single disc opener which also applies solid fertiliser for both winter and summer crops. Our John Deere header has a 12m draper front and our 12m John Deere 1720 maxi merge planter is used for our summer planting. Our latest purchase has been a John Deere R4030 sprayer with a 36m boom. Buying the R4030 has meant that we have the latest technology in spraying equipment and is something that I have been looking forward to for some time.

The Sprayer, our JD 7215R and JD 9770 header have Green Star GPS and our 8300 and 8520T John Deere Tractors have Autofarm installed and this has helped with establishing the tram line layout we have.

I try to keep up with the latest equipment which allows for efficiencies such as spraying time and less wheel tracks. Having John Deere allows us to have Vanderfield service our equipment. It is important to us to have the ongoing field service and technology available from them at the Toowoomba branch which is out closest town for service.

Agriculture is rapidly changing with the advancement of technology. It is good to be involved in the industry that I still love even after all these years. And I believe it is an industry that will be around for a long time yet”!

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