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Summer 2014

A Letter of Thanks

For an elderly Sunshine Coast couple Keith and Kathy Elliott on a long road trip it turned into a real life adventure in the most unexpected way. Stopping off in Kununurra in WA an unfortunate incident happened which shook them to the core. But just as quickly their confidence was restored in the good will and kindness of the local people and the overwhelming support and level of concern and compassion they received there. This is a letter of thanks and appreciation from Keith and Kathy:-

We stopped off and booked in to the Kununurra Caravan Park after a long day’s drive that particular day to get there. My wife Kathy and I settled down for a good sleep that night. It was a little too good as we didn’t hear intruders break in and take the keys to our Landcruiser and our money.

Our ute was found some 200 klms away absolutely wrecked the following morning. Faced with this awful dilemma we didn’t know what to do or who to turn to! Especially as we were a long way from nowhere without a vehicle!

A local resident John Currey offered to drive me to the crash site so I could retrieve our personal belongings and what I could from it. Being a round trip of some 400 klms it was an extraordinary act of generosity on behalf of John.

The Vanderfield Toyota Kununurra branch manager Grant Vaughan went to great lengths to assist us. The dealership is directly across the road from the caravan park and within days we took ownership of a new Toyota 200 series wagon. But this was after Grant had the suspension upgraded for us on the vehicle. The parts he used were allocated for another job but that customer graciously allowed Grant to use them without wanting to know the reason why Grant needed them so urgently.

The Kununurra Town Caravan Park kindly allowed us stay on without charge to ensure we were comfortable and safely accommodated so we could regroup and recover from our ordeal. Again such a blessing!

So within a week we were back on the road again heading home this time. Shaken but with grateful hearts thanks to so many people in Kununurra. Our belief in the true goodness of complete strangers has been a restorative experience for us both. We deeply and sincerely thank you Kununurra and will always remember you for all the right reasons! Keith and Kathy Elliot

Footnote: Grant said, “Guy Hassall and myself were only too happy we could be of assistance to this couple. It was an awful thing that happened but personally I think the way the community came together to help out is a credit to Kununurra and its residents”.

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