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Farm HQ

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Farm HQ is a diverse rural supplies business based in Proserpine Central Queensland. With stores in Proserpine and Sarina Farm HQ isn’t your typical rural store.

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A Brief Chat

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With a Mackay long time sugar cane grower and cattle farmer. Graeme Blackburn talks about his almost pre-ordained family heritage, his ambitions, his thoughts on cutting edge technology and things in general.

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Saving Ears!

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Deciding to upgrade to a more modern John Deere 608C Corn Front which attaches to his John Deere S670 Header, David Bailey was suitably impressed with it when he started harvesting his corn crop in late May.

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In The Field

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This is a brief chat with Hamish McIntyre of Moolabah Agriculture Pty Ltd of St George who predominantly grows cotton but who operates a diversified and multi layered business.

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